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Paper Products & DryGoods


Silverware, Cups, Plates, Foils, Containers, Gloves, Paper Towels, and Trash Bags

Spoons & Forks
1000ct Wrapped Medium Weight Spoons
1000ct Wrapped Medium Weight Forks
1000ct Wrapped Medium Weight Knives
1000ct Wrapped Medium Weight Spork
1000ct Spork-Kit w/Napkin,Straw
1000ct 8" Soda Spoon
250ct Cutlery-Kit w/Napkin,Fork,Spoon,Salt&Pepper
Medium Weight
1000ct Medium Weight Spoons
1000ct Medium Weight Forks
1000ct Medium Weight Knives
Heavey Weight
1000ct Heavy-Weight Spoons
1000ct Heavy-Weight Forks
1000ct Heavy-Weight Knives
1000ct Heavy-Weight Soup Spoons
1000ct Heavy-Weight Clear Forks
3-Dozen Metal Spoons
3-Dozen Metal Forks
3-Dozen Metal Knives
3-Dozen Metal Tall Teaspoons
25-200ct Cone Water Cups
20-125ct 5oz Plastic Souffle Cups
40-25ct Dart 6J6 Cup
40-25ct Dart 8J8 Cup
40-25ct Dart 10J10 Cup
40-25ct Dart 12J12 Cup
40-25ct Dart 12J16 Cup
40-25ct Dart 14J16 Cup
40-25ct Dart 16J16 Cup
20-50ct Dart Clear 16oz Cup
40-25ct Dart 20J16 Cup
20-50ct Dart 24J16 Cup
40-25ct Dart 24J24 Cup
20-25ct Dart 32TJ32 Cup
50-20ct Cafe 12X16 Foam Cup
40-25ct Cafe 16X16 Foam Cup
500ct    Cafe 20X16 Foam Cup
20-50ct 9oz Clear Plastic Squat Cup
Food Cup's
20-50ct Dart 3.5J6 Food Cup
20-50ct Dart 4J6 Food Cup
20-50ct Dart 6SJ12 Food Cup
20-50ct Dart 8SJ12 Food Cup
20-50ct 12oz Paper (Hot Cup)
20-50ct Dart 8SJ20 Food Cup
20-50ct Dart 12SJ12 Food Cup
20-50ct Dart Dart 16MJ20 Food Cup
500ct Dart 32MJ48 32oz Food Cup
25-100ct 1oz Plastic Souffle Lid
20-125ct 2oz Plastic Souffle Lid
20-125ct 5oz Plastic Souffle Lid
10-100ct Dart 6JL Lid
10-100ct Dart 8SL Lid
10-100ct Dart 10SL Lid
10-100ct Dart 10JL Lid
10-100ct 8oz UL Lid (Sip Lid)
10-100ct Dart 12SL Lid
10-100ct Dart 12JL Vented Lid
10-100ct 12oz UL Lid (Sip Lid)
1000ct 12FTLS Lid (Lift-n-Lock/Slot)
10-100ct Dart 16SL Lid
10-100ct 16oz UL Lid (Sip Lid)
10-100ct 16oz Clear Dome Lid (DLW626)
1000ct 16EL Cappucino Dome Lid
1000ct Dart 16FTLS 16oz Cup
10-100ct Dart 20CLR Lid
10-100ct Dart 20JL Solid Lid
10-100ct Dart 20SL Lid ( Fits 32AJ20 Cup)
10-100ct Dart 24SL Lid
5-100ct  Dart 32SL Lid
500ct Dart 32JL Vented Lid
500ct Dart 48JL Lid
 24-100ct PL4 Plastic 4oz Lid
20-50ct Genpak CHP-16 Lid
20-50 Bait Lids
24-500ct  Jumbo Wrapped 7.75 Straw
24-500ct Clear Jumbo Un-Wrapped 7.75 Straw
24-500ct Stripped Giant Wrapped Straw
24-300ct Giant Un-Wrapped 7.75 Straw
4-300ct   Giant Red Un-Wrapped 10.25 Straw
4-500ct  Jumbo Wrapped 10.25 Straw
25-300ct Giant Wrapped 7.75 Straw
24-500ct Wrapped Milk 5.75 Straw
25-400ct Flex Wrapped Straw
10-1000ct 5" Plastic Coffee Stir
10-1000ct 5.5" Wooden Coffee Stir
10-1000ct 7" Plastic Coffee Stir
10-1000ct 7.5" Wooden Coffee Stir
10-1000ct Frilly Toothpicks
12-1000ct Wrapped Toothpicks
24-800ct Unwrapped Toothpicks
Trays, Plates, Bowls, & Containers
4-250ct #25 Food Tray
4-250ct #50 Food Tray
4-250ct #100 Food Tray
4-250ct #200 Food Tray
2-250ct #300 Food Tray
2-250ct #500 Food Tray
6-500ct 6" Paper Hot-dog Tray
5-100ct "0711" 12" Hot-dog Tray
1-1000ct Dixie French Fry Carton
4-125ct Small Nacho Tray
4-125ct Large Nacho Tray
1000ct #1 Foam Meat Tray
500ct # 2 Foam Meat Tray
4-125ct 6x6 60HT1 Hinged Tray
4-125ct 5 Comp School Tray
1-500ct 99HT1 Hoagie Tray
2-100ct 110HT3 10x9 3 Comp Tray
2-100ct 1 Comp 8x8 Tray
2-100ct 3 Comp 8x8 Tray
2-100ct 1 Comp 9x9 Tray
2-100ct 3 Comp 9x9 Tray
1-150ct YHLW0903 Smartlock 3 Comp 9x9 Tray
2-100ct 205HT1 1 Comp 9.25 Tray
4-125ct 5" Clear Tray
500ct 6" Clear Easy-Lock Hinged Tray
250ct 9" Clear 1 Comp Tray
200ct 10" Clear 1 Comp Tray
2-100ct ADD8 Clear Hinged Tray
4-125ct 9" White Flat Plate
4-125ct 9" White 3 Comp Plate
4-125ct 10"White Flat Plate
4-125ct 10"White 3 Comp Plate
10-100ct 6" Foam Dessert Plate
8-125ct 12BWWC 12oz Bowl
20-50ct Dart 8B20 8oz Bowl
20-50ct Dart 10B20 10oz Bowl
20-50ct Dart 12B32 12oz Bowl
Plastic Jugs
108ct Quart Plastic Jug w/Lids
108ct 1/2gal Plastic Jug w/Lids
48ct Gallon Plastic Jug w/Lids
Pizza & Cake Boxes
250ct Fast-Top Snack Box
50ct 10x10x2 Pizza Box
50ct 12x12x2 Pizza Box
50ct 14x14x2 Pizza Box
200ct  9x9x4 Pie Box
1-100ct 8x8x2.5 Pie Box Window
250ct 10x10x4 Pie Box (No Window)
100ct 10x10x5 Pie Box Window 
100ct 14x10x4 Cake Box
50ct 12x12x6 Cake Box
50ct 19x14x4 Cake Box (No Window)
100ct 14x10 Cake Pad (1/4 Sheet)
1-50ct 19x14 Cake Pad (1/2 Sheet)
24-1000ct Patty Paper
12-200ct 12x10.75 Foil Wrap
12-500ct FW-8 Deli Paper
12-500ct FW-12 Deli Wrap
12-500ct FW-15 Deli Wrap
2-500ct Sandwich Foil Wrap
4-500ct Plain Sandwich Foil Wrap
5-500ct Hamburger Foil Wrap
5-500ct Cheeseburger Foil Wrap
12-200ct 29100 Foil Potato Wrap
12x500 Standard Foil
18x500 Standard Foil
12x1000 Standard Foil
18x1000 Standard Foil
12x500 Heavy Duty Foil
18x500 Heavy Duty Foil
18x1000 Heavy Duty Foil
24x500 Extra Heavy Duty Foil
12x1000 PVC Film
12x2000 PVC Film
15x2000 PVC Film
18x2000 PVC Film
18x5000 Film Wrap
Foil Containers
100ct JIF 1/2 Foil Size Pans & Lids
50ct JIF Full Size Foil Pans & Lids
100ct 1/3 Sized Foil Pans
1000ct Quilon Treated 16x24 Pan-Liner
Ziplock Bags
12-90ct Ziplock Snack Bags
500ct Ziplock Quart Bags
500ct Ziplock Sandwich Bags
250ct Ziplock Gallon Storage Bags
250ct Ziplock Gallon Freezer Bags
1-100ct Ziplock 2gal Storage Bags
1-100ct Ziplock 2gal Freezer Bags
500ct #2 White or Brown Bag
500ct #4 White or Brown Bag
500ct #4 Wax Bakery Bag
500ct #6 White or Brown Bag
500ct #8 White or Brown Bag
500ct #8 White Wax Bakery Bag
500ct #10 White or Brown Bag
500ct #12 White or Brown Bag
500ct #20 Brown Bag
500ct #25 Brown Bag
400ct #65 1/6 Brown Bag
1-1000ct  Plastic Thank You Bags
500ct 8lb Ice Bags w/Drawstring
500ct 10lb Ice Bags w/Drawstring
8-1000ct "410" Open Top Bag
8-1000ct "421" Open Top/Side Sandwich Bag
6-1000ct "710" Open Top Sandwich Bag
1-2000ct 8.5 Saddle Bag
2000ct French Fry Bag
8-1000ct "606" French Fry Bag
1-1000ct "608" Paper Hot-Dog Bag
1000ct Silverware Bags
40-50ct G4797BK Guest Checks
50-50ct 108-50 Duplicate Guest Checks
50-50ct ARC-P3632 Guest Checks
10-100ct 210 Single Copy Guest Checks
144ct Large Brown Hair Nets
8-100ct 21" White Bouffant Hair Nets
1000ct White Placemats
40"x300' White Paper or Plastic Tablecloth
2000ct Dry-Lock Meat Pads
1000ft 18" Butcher Paper Roll
900ft 36x900 Kraft Paper
1000ft 18" Freezer Paper
1000ft 24" Butcher Paper
12ct Grill Bricks
10-50ct Filter Cones
10-100ct Small Polly Foodservice Gloves
10-100ct Medium Polly Foodservice Gloves
10-100ct Large Polly Foodservice Gloves
10-100ct Small Powder-Free Latex Gloves
10-100ct Medium Powder-Free Latex Gloves
10-100ct Large Powder-Free Latex Gloves
10-100ct X-Large Powder-Free Latex Gloves
10-100ct Small Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves
10-100ct Medium Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves
10-100ct Medium Powdered Vinyl Gloves
10-100ct Large Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves
10-100ct X-Large Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves
10-100ct Small Synthetic Powder-Free Gloves
10-100ct Medium Synthetic Powder-Free Gloves
10-100ct Large Synthetic Powder-Free Gloves
10-100ct X-Large Synthetic Powder-Free Gloves
10-100ct X-Large Nitrile Black Gloves
1-Dozen X-Large Yellow Rubber Gloves
Paper Towels
24ct Scott Kitchen Towel
30ct Empress Kitchen Roll Towel
Dispenser Multi-Fold Towel
16-250 White Multi-Fold Towel
16-250 Natural Multi-Fold Towel
Dispenser Cut-n-Dry Towel
Dispenser Push-Paddle Roll Towel
6ct Nova 22910 Center Pull Towel
6ct 10" Cut-n-Dry Roll Towel
2400ct 63231 White Center Fold Towel
12ct Empress 123502 8x350 Brown Roll Towel
12-168ct W120 Blue-Windshield Multi-Fold Towel
6ct RT680021 8x800 Brown Towels
6ct 290089 White Tork Roll Towel
6ct 290088 Natural Tork Roll Towel
6ct #1324 Cascade Towel
8-500ct 850011 9x9 Vintage Beverage Napkin
12-500ct Express Napkin (Quick Serve)
30-100ct Nova 3001A 1/8 Fold Napkin
16-250ct 141717 1/4 Fold Dinner Napkin
20-500ct Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkin
12-500ct Luncheon Napkin
30-100ct 301001 Facial Tissue
24-144ct Kleenex Facial Tissue
96ct Wrapped Toilet Tissue
80ct 16880 Angel-Soft Toilet Tissue
24-4ct Heavenly-Soft 2-Ply Toilet Tissue
12ct Empress 9" 2-Ply Toilet Tissue
6ct T260 3.5x1400 Toilet Tissue
6-1400 T260 Cascade Toilet Tissue
Trash Bags/Canliners
1000ct 10gal B72210K 20x21 Black Canliner
1000ct 10gal F2400ER 24x24 Red Canliner
500-10gal P2410B 24x23 Buff Canliner
500-16gal P3310B 24x32 Buff Canliner
500-16gal P3310XC 24x32 Clear  Canliner
500-16gal WSL2432XHW 24x32 White Canliner
16gal PH243308N 24x32 Natural Canliner
100-30gal P3730B 30x36 Heavy Buff Canliner
150-33gal WSLW3339 White Canliner
100-44gal 37x42 Orange Trash Bag
50-60gal TM65XK 38x58 Black Canliner
100-60gal SL3858150K 38x58 Black Canliner
100-60gal WSL3858 38x58 White Canliner
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