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Chips, Crackers, Cereals, & Pasta

30-1.5oz Lays Variety Pack
2-30ct Lays Baked Variety Chips
6-1lb Lays Classic Chips
8-1lb Ruffles Potato Chips
8-1lb Frito Corn Chips
104-1oz Frito Corn Chips
104-1oz Plain Lays Chips
104-1oz Nacho Doritos
104-1oz Bbq Lays Chips
104-1oz Crunchy Cheetos
104-1oz Cheddar Sunchip
104-1oz Sour-Cream & Onion 
88-1oz Rold Gold Pretzel
36-3oz Gehl Chips w/Paper Tray
6-2lb White Round Tortilla Chip
300-2pk Zesta Saltine Cracker
300-4pk Zesta Saltine Cracker
40-4oz Zesta Bulk Saltine Cracker
500-2pk Whole-Grain Saltine Cracker
500-2pk Lance Wheat Salad Cracker
300-2pk Ritz-Crackers
20-3.8oz 120ct Bulk Ritz Cracker
144ct Austin Cheese-n-Crackers
500-2pk Captian Wafer Cracker
60-1.5oz Original Cheez-It
60-1oz Whole Grain Individual Cheez-it
300-1oz Giant Goldfish
60-1oz Whole-Grain Bulk Goldfish
6-31oz Whole-Grain Goldfish Cracker
120-1.5oz 4pk Oreo Cookies
80-1.3oz Original Rice Crispy Treat
80-1.5oz Whole Grain Rice Crispy Treat
48-1oz Teddy Grahams
96-1oz Marshmellow Mateys
210-1oz Keebler Bug Bites
210-1oz Keebler Scooby Snacks
150-1oz Keebler Animal Cracker
6-13oz Keebler Vanilla Wafers
150-3pk Honey Maid Graham Cracker
27-4.8oz Bulk Honey Maid Graham Cracker
10lb Nabisco Graham Cracker Crumbs
250-.25oz Individual Crouton
10-1lb Heinz Homestyle Crouton
10lb Imitation Bacon-Bits
20lb Imitation Bacon-Bits
60-1.75oz Traditional Chex-Mix
60-1.03oz Strawberry Yogurt Chex-Mix
144-1oz Fieldstone Granola Singles
120-1oz Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
42oz Quick Oats
8-5lb Quick Grits
12-28oz Instant Cream of Wheat
91-1oz General Mills Chex Rice
96-1oz General Mills Cinnamon Chex
96-1oz General Mills Rice Crispy Cereal
96-1oz General Mills Honey-Nut Cherrios
96-1oz General Mills Un-Sweetened Cherrios
96-1oz General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch
96-1oz General Mills Kix Cereal
96-1oz Kellogg Assorted Cereal
96-1oz Frosted Mini-Wheat Bites
96-1oz Marshmellow Mateys
4-29oz General Mills Bulk Cherrios
4-35oz Hospitality Rice Crispy
4-35oz Hospitality Fruit Whirls
4-35oz Hospitality Happy Shapes
4-35oz Hospitality Frosted Flakes
4-35oz Hospitality Coco Munchies
4-35oz Hospitality Honey Nut Toasted Oats
12-1lb Hospitality Mini Marshmellow
Cookies & Pop-tarts
290ct Homestyle Sugar Cookie
290ct Homestyle Oatmeal Cookie
290ct Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie
72-2pk Whole Grain Strawberry Poptart
72-2pk Whole Grain Chocolate Fudge
1-10lb 10" Lasagna
1-20lb 20" Spaghetti
2-10lb Elbow Macaroni
2-5lb Medium Egg Noodle
1-10lb Wide Egg Noodle
2-5lb Whole-Grain Egg Noodle
1-10lb Whole-Grain Spaghetti
1-10lb Whole-Grain Elbow Macaroni
Dry Beans & Rice
25lb Parboil Rice
25lb Triple Cleaned Dry Pinto Bean
25lb Dry Great Norther Bean
50lb Triple Cleaned Dry Pinto Bean
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