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Cleaning Supplies

Sprays & Cleaners

12-15CT S.O.S Pads

20ct 96N Niagra 6x9 Green Scour Pad

12-20oz C841 Stainless Steel Cleaner

12ct #84 Stainless Steel Scrubber

2-8lb Fryer "Boil-Out"

9-20oz Cascade Fryer "Boil-Out"

4-1gal Maxim Oven/Grill Cleaner

6-24ct Easy-Off "Aerosol" Oven Cleaner

6-1/2gal Easy-Off "Oven & Grill" Cleaner

4-128oz 409 Cleaner/Degreaser

12-32oz 409 Cleaner/Degreaser

4-1gal IM610 Powerball Cleaner/Degreaser

4-1gal Dawn "Pot & Pan" Cleaner

100ct Chlorine Paper Test Strips

3-121oz Clorox Bleach "Concentrate"

6-1gal Novel Bleach

12-32oz Acid Bowl Cleaner

12-32oz Maxim True-Blue Toliet Cleaner

4-1gal Maxim Mega-Mop Floor Cleaner

3pk Plastic Spray Bottles

4-1gal #645 Buffer Spray

12-19oz Clorox Disinfect Spray

12-15.5oz Claire Disinfectant Spray

12-24oz Lysol Foam Disenfectant Cleaner

12-24oz Clorox Toliet Cleaner w/Bleach

12-28oz Ajax Powdered Cleaner

8-32oz Comet Spray w/Bleach

12-24oz Pine-Sol Original Scent

12-28oz Pine-Sol Lemon Scent

6-50oz Tide Liquid Detergent

1-18lb Tide All-Purpose Cleaner

4-1gal Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner

12-19oz Gleme Glass Cleaner

12-32oz Windex Window Cleaner

4-1gal Windex Window Cleaner

12-8ml Gold and Clean

Soaps & Hand Sanitizers

8-38oz Dawn Original Dish Soap

8-1000ml 2157-08 Micrell Anti-Bacterial Soap

12-7.5oz Dial Hand Soap w/Pump

6-1lt Dial Pink Dispenser Soap

10-24oz Ivory Liquid Soap

4-1gal Gojo Pink Soap

4-1gal Dial Liquid Soap

6-20oz Tork Liquid Soap

6-1lt Asure Foam Soap

6-1lt Azure Foam Soap

3-1.25lt Touch-Free Dial Soap 

12qrt Maxim Surface Sanitizer

6-800ml Hand Sanitizer

4-1100ml Tork S22 Sanitizer 

12-12oz Purell Hand Sanitizer 

4-2lt Purell Hand Sanitizer

8-33.6oz Purell Hand Sanitizer w/Aloe

12-20oz 851 Germicidal Foaming Disinfectant


3-1 99117 Dial Dispenser "Smoke"

12-800ml Dial Soap (Dispenser Bag)

3-1.25 Dial Manual Soap For Dispenser

1ct Gojo Pro Dispenser

Mops & Brooms

12qrt Maxim Surface Sanitizer

5gal Maxim Knock-Out Stripper

5gal Midlab Floor-Stripper

4-1gal Maxim Mega-Mop Floor Cleaner

4-1gal Dust Mop Treatment Spray

12-20oz Aerosol Mop Treatment

1 Each Dust Mop Clip-On Handle

1 Each Fiberglass Mop Handle

1 Each 60" Joshen Clamp-On Mop Handle

12-16oz 16oz Rayon Mop Heads

1-3ct 24oz Rayon Clamp-On Mop Head

1-3ct 24oz Cotton Mop Head

#28 Janitorial Broom

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